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Tropical Adventure
The Tropical Adventure allows kids to jump in the bounce area, climb to the top and slide into the pool of water, cooling them from the summer heat. Is your event not water suitable? Kids will be wild about the idea of jumping, climbing, and sliding in the jungle like theme of this inflatable.
The Tropical Adventure is 13' wide and 33' long and has a height of 15' with three big netted windows to watch your children's expressions. It has a splash pad that gets filled with water at the end of the slide that children can't seem to get enough of. It's a truly heat busting blast.
The Tropical Adventure requires at least one operator (person) to watch and attend the inflatables at all times. This operator also can use the provided stop watch to rotate children in groups so everyone gets a fair and consistent chance to play. This also gives the kids a chance to take a break and get a drink water.
Ages 3 and up
5-7 kids at a time
300lbs weight limit

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